Hong Kong's New Cabinet Lineup Unveiled

Beijing approved yesterday CE-elect Carrie Lam’s principal official nominations with many familiar faces and with welfare chief Law Chi-kwong being the only one from outside the government.

All three incumbent Secretaries of Departments,namely Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung, Financial Secretary Paul Chan and Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen as Secretary for Justice will remain in the new administration.

The 13 Directors of Bureaus are: 

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development: Edward Yau, currently CE Office director;

Secretary for the Environment: Wong Kam-sing, incumbent;

Secretary for Home Affairs: Lau Kong-wah, incumbent;

Secretary for Innovation & Technology: Nicholas Yang, incumbent;

Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury: James Lau, currently Undersecretary for Financial Services & the Treasury;

Secretary for Labour & Welfare: Law Chi-kwong, Commission on Poverty member and DPHK founding member;

Secretary for the Civil Service: Joshua Law, currently Permanent Secretary for Security;

Secretary for Security: John Lee, currently Undersecretary for Security;

Secretary for Transport & Housing: Frank Chan, currently Director for Electrical & Mechanical Services;

Secretary for Food & Health: Sophia Chan, currently Undersecretary for Food & Health;

Secretary for Development: Michael Wong, Permanent Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development;

Secretary for Education: Kevin Yeung, Undersecretary for Education;

Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs: Patrick Nip, Permanent Secretary for Food & Health (Health)