Hong Kong-Australia Travel: AustCham Urges Action


We know the inability to travel to Australia is an issue of critical importance to many of you. We have been engaging with various Government authorities highlighting the challenges posed by COVID travel restrictions, particularly around the requirement to quarantine both in Australia and in Hong Kong in a hotel for two weeks at each location.   On top of this, the Australian international arrivals cap compounds a very challenging situation and poses greater hardship for members in terms of both business and personal circumstances.

We are hearing from many of you about the challenges of spending your first Christmas separated from family, and for those who have managed to secure flights, the significant fare costs on top of hotel quarantine charges.

And while public health risks must drive the global response to managing COVID-19 international travel, we are also urging the Australian Government to give consideration to prioritising a travel bubble between Hong Kong and Australia at the appropriate time.   The current wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong sets this back but the public and government response in the city also demonstrates Hong Kong’s ability to manage this challenge comprehensively and decisively.

We have been engaging with the Australian Consul-General and with Hong Kong authorities on this critical issue.  We are urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to work with National Cabinet to find ways to allow Australian citizens and their families to travel without compromising public health. 

We are asking the Prime Minister to consider alternative quarantine measures for arrivals from low-risk jurisdictions, freeing up more quarantine capacity and allowing the daily international arrivals cap to be relaxed. You can   Read our letter to the PM here.

Andrew Macintosh 
Chairman, AustCham Hong Kong