Capital Works Funding (HK Govt)

On behalf of our Construction, Property and Infrastructure (CPI) Committee, we have written to the Financial Secretary, Paul Chan.

Social unrest, the novel coronavirus and a looming global economic slowdown are conspiring to place unprecedented pressures on local employment, cross-border trade and the viability of the Hong Kong
economy. Now more than ever, the construction industry has a vital role to play in ensuring the fall-out from these events can be mitigated and to provide the catalyst to get Hong Kong’s economy back on track.

Consistent and timely approvals of Capital Works Project funding applications through the Legislative Council are fundamental to achieving these outcomes.

We encourage Government to consider all possible options to address these funding approval challenges.

Avenues to consider include:
• allowing parallel approval channels for less contentious projects;
• lifting Legislative Council funding approval limits;
• approving a pipeline of projects and total budget annually for each Works Department rather than
continuing with the current project by project approach; and
• where appropriate, pursuing procurement and funding models that are attractive to private sources of

Letter to Paul Chan