Food, Beverage and Hospitality Committee

Sponsored By:

Bright Food Asia Ltd
Bright Food Asia Ltd

Area of Focus: Food and Beverage sector in Hong Kong

The AustCham Food and Beverage Committee (FBC) is a group of industry stakeholders with an interest in promoting premium Australian food and beverage

Engagement and Mission:

Through engagement with the broader food and beverage sector and harnessing key stakeholders, this committee will seek to promote brand Australia within the food and beverage sector in Hong Kong. 

Looking to the Future:

The committee has an initital focus around Austrade's Festival of Australia (FoA) in Hong Kong and more generally, will seek to support the promotion of premium Australian brands within the Hong Kong market.

Time and Date of Meeting: 2nd Thursday of month, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Active Members of Note: 10

If you have any questions about the Committees, you may contact us at for more information.

Committee Management
Mr. Matthew Mckenzie
Bright Food Asia Ltd