Greater Bay Area Committee

Sponsored By:

The State Government Of Victoria
The State Government Of Victoria

Area of Focus: Greater Bay Area

Engagement and Mission:

The GBA Committee seeks to lead the development of the Greater Bay Area initiative which is vital to the ongoing development Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (hereafter referred to as the “GBA”). The Committee is focused upon co-operation, education and advocacy for the benefit of the Committee Members and AustCham’s Greater China Chambers. The Committee aims to work with key stakeholders across the “whole of chamber” and act as a focal point across various key sectors.

Ongoing Objectives:

  • Co-operation: Broad and boundaryless cooperation between Hong Kong, Macao and Southern China supplemented by broader partnerships with AustCham Shanghai and Beijing and other Chambers, on GBA issues.
  • Education: To gather intelligence, build understanding of relevant issues and generate insights. 
  • Advocacy: To lead on awareness raising and policy recommendations on major issues affecting Austcham Members and stakeholders across GBA.

Looking to the Future:

If you have any questions about the Committees, you may contact us at for more information.

Committee Management
Mr. Patrick Vizzone
Mr. Nick Wilshire
Zhonghe Recruitment Limited