Sustainability Committee

Area of Focus: Decent work and economic growth; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure;

Engagement and Mission:

The Sustainability Committee (SC) aims to raise greater awareness about the vast meaning of sustainability and its role and purpose in the Australian business community. We also look into the implementation of sustainable practices in businesses and further, the implications for all stakeholders from employees, investors and to customers.

The Committee has decided to plan their annual agenda around the three key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


1.Decent work and economic growth

2.Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

3.Sustainable cities and communities

Looking to the Future:

Time and Date of Meeting: N/A

Active Members of Note: 40

If you have any questions about the Committees, you may contact us at for more information.

Committee Management
Ms. Fiona Mcdonald
Macquarie Group Ltd
Ms. Kimberley Cole