Return to Oz: Crucial investment tax planning for wealthy Australians who’ll one day return home

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Return to Oz: Crucial investment tax planning for wealthy Australians who’ll one day return home

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After years in Hong Kong many successful Australian expatriates have built a substantial net worth of assets and investments outside of Australia. Yet Australia’s tax regime bites much harder than Hong Kong’s - so tax on these assets has historically been the bitter pill for wealthy Australians returning home.

The good news is the Australian taxation of foreign assets has been changed.

Prior to repatriating, non-resident Australians can now legally and transparently structure the holding of their global investments to comply fully with Australian tax law, while significantly reducing or eliminating Australian Capital Gains tax, Income tax and Wealth tax on these assets.

These structures must be implemented before you become an Australian resident.

Philippa Huckle will clearly and plainly explain how to properly implement these changes to substantially strengthen your own financial position. You should attend this seminar if you will one day live in Australia.

This seminar is presented by Aria Forum Wealth Management with logistical support from AustCham. AustCham does not take responsibility for the content presented, or distributed, at the event.


Thu, May 23, 2019


12:30 PM - 02:00 PM



14/F Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong


Member: $100.00

Non-Member: $200.00


Philippa Huckle
Aria Forum Wealth Management

Aria Forum evolved from Philippa Huckle Wealth Management, and delivers integrated wealth solutions for affluent, internationally mobile individuals.

Philippa is an industry expert and frequent keynote speaker at events in Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Australia, as well as a published author and guest financial columnist in publications across the region.

Her 20 year career includes thousands of meetings with successful, intelligent clients who entrust significant portions of their net worth to her care.

Philippa is an international authority on Behavioural Finance and championed the integration of human psychology into the investment advisory process and the firm’s own methodology.

As our advisory services are highly personalised and for a specific clientele, we require an account opening minimum of USD 2 million.

Ticket price includes sandwich lunch.