AustCham Mentor Programme: Master Class #2

Personal Decision Making

AustCham Mentor Programme: Master Class #2

Personal Decision Making

AustCham welcome you to join the second master class of the 2022/23 Mentor Programme. This programme is only open to AustCham Mentor Programme participants. 

We're thrilled to announce that guest speaker, Ken Chow - Executive Coach at EY Global Coaching Boutique, will be joining us in leading this master class.

This session will focus on the topic of Personal Decision Making. Ken will speak on his personal experiences and the keys to success in ones personal life and professional career. 

We encourage participation from attendees during our master classes so please come prepared with questions for our guest speaker. 

We look forward to having you all at this upcoming master class.

Please note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the speaker(s) belong solely to the speaker, and are not representative of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.


Wed, November 30, 2022


06:30 PM - 07:30 PM



By Zoom - Link will be provided the day prior to the event



Ken Chow
Executive Coach | EY Global Coaching Boutique

Ken supports his clients, who go from having perceived potential, to fulfilling that potential and accelerating their career to the next level.

Developing an agile mindset is one of the keys to success in your personal life and professional career. Ken uses Positive Intelligence and its principles to support his clients to have greater self-awareness, self-management, emotional reasoning and balance — resulting in greater authenticity, performance, and the ability to inspire others.

Ken states that: 

Typically my clients

• are successful and know that they are capable of greater success (new job, new company, higher compensation, higher title, career progression, balance and well-being).

• want to advance their career and need support to accelerate this process.

• have a strong heartfelt sense that they need to make a change.

• seeking coaching where and how make those changes.

• currently languishing in their role with feelings of emptiness, stagnation, listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of focus, advancement, or excitement.

• want purpose and focus that creates fulfilling work.

Our coaching engagement will

• create self-reflection to remove the negative self sabotaging mindsets currently limiting their success.

• develop ways of responding positively and productively to difficult situations, rather than reacting out of emotions.

• become more empathetic to themselves and for their teams, which will improve relationships and performance.

• cultivate curiosity to explore different ways of understanding a problem and differing points of view that lead to a specific outcome.

• foster inclusive environment for new ideas and ways of doing things.

• align their own personal values to their work, which will positively affect their thinking, emotions, and behaviours. Translating to higher self-motivation.

• use that motivation to take laser focused action to accomplish their goals.