Private Briefing with Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Chin Wan Tse

Private Briefing with Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Chin Wan Tse

AustCham Hong Kong will host a Private Breakfast Briefing with the Hong Kong Government's Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Chin Wan Tse on Tuesday 20 June from 8:00am - 9:30am. The event is open to Members Only. 

Guests will hear from Secretary Tse on the Hong Kong SAR government's priorities in the environment portfolio and engage in a Q&A moderated by AustCham Board Director, David Simmonds, Chief Strategy, Sustainability and Governance Officer at CLP Holdings. 

The briefing will focus on a number of areas including -

  • Government policy for carbon neutrality and achieving net zero
  • Carbon market development
  • Energy efficiency in buildings – targets, barriers, incentives and opportunities
  • Electric vehicles and waste management
  • Business support for the Hong Kong government's environmental targets.

The event includes breakfast, tea/coffee and networking.

Please note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the speaker(s) belong solely to the speaker, and are not representative of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.


Tue, June 20, 2023


08:00 AM - 09:30 AM



The Hong Kong Club


Member: $460.00


Mr Chin Wan Tse
Secretary | Environment and Ecology

Mr Tse Chin-wan was appointed the Secretary for Environment and Ecology on 1 July 2022.

Mr Tse joined the former Environmental Protection Agency in 1985 which was subsequently re-organised in 1986 to become the current Environmental Protection Department (EPD). Throughout the service with EPD, Mr Tse had taken up a wide range of duties at professional and senior managerial levels. He was appointed as a Deputy Director of Environmental Protection in 2013 and subsequently as the Under Secretary for the Environment in August 2017.

Mr Tse possesses a broad spectrum of experience in various areas of environmental protection, including law enforcement, computer modelling, environmental impact assessment and cross-boundary cooperation with the Mainland. During his tenure as the Under Secretary for the Environment, he helped spearhead the formulation of policies on air quality, waste management, climate actions and conservation.

David Simmonds
Group Strategy, Sustainability and Governance Officer | CLP Holdings

Mr Simmonds is responsible for CLP Group strategic planning and the strategy agenda as well as driving the Group’s sustainability agenda and ensuring that it is embedded into the business.

He is also responsible for managing the investments and ventures that help support CLP’s growth strategy, the Group’s investments in South East Asia and Taiwan and the Group’s property development activities.

In addition, Mr Simmonds is the Group General Counsel of CLP Holdings, responsible for the provision of legal, corporate secretarial and insurance services across the Group.


Mr Simmonds is a Director of various subsidiary companies** and affiliated companies+ of the CLP Group.