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As at: 23 September 2020

- 1,783,000 registered for testing over 14-day programme, which ended on Sept 14; 1,719,000 specimens tested so far

- 6 new cases (2 local + 4 imported)

- One-off $10k allowance for low-income, new arrival families

- CPI drops 0.4% in August y-o-y


CHP investigates 6 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19

- 6 new cases (2 local + 4 imported)

- Total now 5,039 (5,038 confirmed + 1 probable)

- 103 deaths

- 4,717 discharged


28-day rolling sitrep of new infections (most recent figure first, local infections in brackets)

- 6 (2); 23 (4); 13 (4); 3 (2); 9 (6); 9 (5); 4 (0); 14 (12); 19 (11); 13 (9); 12 (3); 12 (5); 6 (5); 6 (3); 11 (10); 21 (15); 7 (7); 12 (7); 8 (7); 8 (8); 12 (9); 9 (7); 15 (10); 18 (16); 13 (10); 21 (18); 24 (24); 19 (16)


Latest situation of COVID-19 cases

Since 31 December 2019, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health has recorded a total of 5,039 cases of COVID-19, including 5,038 confirmed cases and 1 probable case (Case no. 97). Among these cases, 4717 were discharged and 103 were fatal cases and 191 cases were still hospitalised or pending admission.



DOWNLOAD: Fact Sheet | Hong Kong Business Support Measures

DOWNLOAD: Booklet | Hong Kong Business Support Measures

SEE MORE: Employment Support Scheme

DOWNLOAD: Letter to the Expatriate Community from Centre for Health Protection Department of Health  


Australia announces new International Freight Assistance Mechanism to ensure fresh produce reaches Hong Kong
Read the press relase here.

Public Hospital Update


SED visits school on preparatory work for face-to-face class resumption

All schools in Hong Kong will resume face-to-face classes in two stages, with Secondary and Primary One, Five and Six as well as Kindergarten Three starting on September 23 while those remaining will start on September 29. In addition to providing the "Health Protection Measures for Schools" guidelines, the EDB has, via its Regional Education Offices, maintained close contact with schools to provide advice and support as and when necessary with a view to helping them prepare for face-to-face class resumption. The EDB has also provided all primary and secondary schools in the public sector and schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme with spare masks for students in need.


Launch of CCF one-off allowance for new arrivals from low-income families

The Community Care Fund (CCF) on September 21 announced the launch of the One-off Allowance for New Arrivals from Low-income Families Programme on September 27. The Programme aims to provide an allowance to eligible new arrivals to help them adapt in the community as soon as possible to better prepare themselves for permanent settlement in Hong Kong, and to relieve their financial pressure. Each eligible person can get a $10,000 allowance. The Programme is administered by the CCF Task Force under the Commission on Poverty. The CCF Secretariat is providing administrative support to the Programme. Announcing the details at a media briefing today, the Chairperson of the CCF Task Force, Dr Law Chi-kwong, said that the CCF has set aside around $2,131.04 million to implement the programme. It is estimated that about 203,000 persons will benefit.


Extension of rent concession period for Housing Authority's non-domestic tenants

The extension of the rent concession implemented by the HA is in line with the latest helping measures announced by the Government on September 15 to further tide businesses and people over this difficult time amid the prolonged epidemic.


Shortened operating hours of passenger clearance services at Shenzhen Bay PortConsolidation of test services at AsiaWorld-Expo 

All bars and pubs and premises used exclusively or mainly to sell alcohol will be closed from 6pm April 3 

Government further clarifies eligibility criteria of Retail Sector Subsidy Scheme

Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation

Q&A on new requirements to reduce gatherings

Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirement and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation

Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation 

All overseas arrivals in HK from 19 March are subject to compulsory quarantine for 14 days


>> Government website on COVID-19

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Fact sheet on the latest novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)



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