Mission and Objectives

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong was incorporated in 1987 and is the peak body representing the Australia – Hong Kong business community.  

For over 35 years we have been introducing you and connecting you with Australian and Hong Kong decision makers, key members of governments, and business leaders.  

AustCham is one of the largest and most influential international business organisations in Hong Kong. The Chamber represents more than 900 members and 240 companies. Our diverse membership is a cross-section of start-ups, SMEs, NGOs and large corporates across all industries and expertise. 



The Chamber’s mission is to promote and represent Australian business and values, while enabling members to connect, engage and grow bilateral relationships. 



AustCham’s Objectives are described in the Articles of Association, including but not limited to:  

  • To promote, develop and expand business connections between Hong Kong and Australia. 
  • To monitor business and legal developments in Hong Kong and Australia and to provide AustCham members with useful and up-to-date information. 
  • To promote and sponsor closer cultural, charitable and business relationships between Australia, Hong Kong, and The People’s Republic of China and to generally promote and expand the awareness of Australia in these countries. 
  • To facilitate social and business networking among members and guests. 
  • To express, reflect and represent the views and interests of AustCham members to government departments and other organisations of Hong Kong, Australia, and The People’s Republic of China, to act in all legal manners to promote the interests of AustCham members. 

A copy of the Chamber Articles of Association is available here.


Code of Conduct 

A copy of the Chamber Code of Conduct is available here.